The New Covenant and New Covenant Theology


Noted author Fred Zaspel shows how the plan of God in the Bible reaches its apex in Christ and the New Covenant, and how this should impact our understanding of key aspects of the OT.

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In this book, Fred Zaspel explores the provisions of the New Covenant and expounds its implications for life and worship as well as for biblical interpretation. By doing so, he provides a clear guide for understanding the “big picture” of the Bible and an exulting appreciation of the glorious privileges that belong to every Christian. He also shows that the inauguration of the New Covenant is the hinge of biblical and redemptive history, and that its promises define the nature of the privileges of God’s people and their status in Christ.

“Dr. Zaspel has not only raised some of the correct questions concerning New Covenant Theology, he has also given the correct biblical answers. His book is a welcome addition to the growing list of books on the subject.” ~ John G. Reisinger

“As I read this booklet, my heart sang of God’s rich redemption in Christ Jesus our Savior! And more than sing, I was drawn to Jesus himself. Fred Zaspel, with a theologian’s precision and a pastor’s sensitivity, unfolds for us the great treasures of the New Covenant. He helps us avoid the mistake of looking to God through that fading and obsolete glory of the Old Covenant, so that we might more fully embrace the Fulfillment, which is Jesus himself. Read this and enjoy the Savior!” ~ Thabiti M. Anyabwile, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman (Cayman Islands)

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