God’s Design for Marriage (Premarital Edition)


(Note: If you’re looking for the married edition, go here.)

Christ-centered pre-marital counseling in a book! (Or the pre-marital counseling you never had.)

252 pages



(Note: If you’re looking for the married edition, go here.)

God invented sex and romance. He formed covenant and companionship. He established headship and submission. He created marriage in all of its Christ-depicting, intimacy-building, joy-inducing, pleasure-producing glory. But people don’t just stumble upon a wonderful marriage, it takes lots of hard work and know-how. While a book cannot do the work for you, it can prepare your mind and heart for what’s coming. If you are engaged, or counseling two people who are, this book will help you build a biblical, Christ-honoring foundation for marriage.

Pastor Douglas Goodin has been learning and practicing the contents of this book with his wife Krista since 1992. He loves being married, teaching about marriage, and preparing men and women who are about to marry. This book is the culmination of many hours spent studying, praying, and counseling. You will not find here a sermon on paper. It teaches, but it also gets the prospective bride and groom talking to each other about the crucial matters of marriage.


God’s Design For Marriage is the perfect book for preparing couples for marriage. It provides excellent content throughout, with stimulating discussion questions. If you are serious about wanting an incredible Christ-centered marriage then this is a must read.” –Ben, happily married husband

“This book helped me discover my expectations and my fiancé’s expectations for marriage, then taught us what was realistic and biblical through discussions of God’s purposes for marriage and what husbands and wives want/need from their spouse. I could not have been more prepared for marriage and even now, three years later, can’t think of anything that this book missed. I am so thankful for this material!” –Nicole, happily married wife

“If you are preparing for marriage or are someone who helps people prepare for marriage, I know of no better resource than this book. I have used it numerous times for pre-marital counseling.” –Todd, happily married pastor and counselor

“My wife and I have had the privilege of walking through God’s Design for Marriage with engaged couples, and have found that this is not simply a stellar pre-marital counseling handbook, but also a wonderful post-marital resource.” –Ben and Rosa, happily married couple and counselors

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