The Believer’s Sabbath


The Christian Sabbath is neither the seventh day of the week, nor has it been moved to the first day of the week. In fact, it’s not a day at all. It is a person, the Person of Jesus Christ. He is our rest. He is our Sabbath.

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How does a believer in Christ keep the Sabbath? By observing one day out of seven as a holy day?

John Reisinger believes that Christ is the believer’s Sabbath, as can be clearly shown from the Scriptures. Christ has provided for fallen man that which man could never earn by his own works. Christ has done all that the Father desired and ushered in the age in which believers rest in Him. Reisinger hopes that this little booklet will encourage the child of God to find joy, peace, and rest as he trusts in the finished work of his Lord and Savior.

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