First, a little history. As you probably know by now, Sovereign Grace/New Covenant Ministries (John Reisinger) and Cross to Crown Ministries have merged. In addition to combining resources, Cross to Crown has the privilege of continuing the legacy of the John Bunyan Conference. We have dropped the “Bunyan” name, but we hope to build on its foundation of powerful, Christ-centered preaching. Our first gathering will be June 24-26. (REGISTER)

With that, let me answer the question I asked in the title of this post. Here are five reasons you should come:

1. Christ-Exalting, Biblical Preaching

During the seven main sessions of the conference, we will walk through the book of Philippians together. Blake White, Joshua Waltz, and I will expound the whole letter, looking through the lens of Proclaiming Christ! in everything.

Blake White is a familiar name, and you may know a bit about me, but Joshua Waltz is probably new to you. I can’t say enough about how blessed I am that Joshua is joining us. He is a great friend and a fantastic preacher of the Scripture. He will strengthen your love for Jesus. (Joshua’s sermons)

All three of us will preach for the glory and majesty of Jesus Christ.

That is a good reason to come!

2. We Need Your Voice to Shape NCT’s Future

New Covenant Theology knows what it knows about Covenant Theology and Dispensational Theology, but for many other questions, we have a lot of different answers. That is not all bad. Maybe we will never come to complete unity on every theological and difficult issue. Maybe we shouldn’t even try. However, it is worth exploring where different NCT people are coming from.

There is an ocean of Christians who are ripe for the hook, so to speak, of NCT. Your input will help us expand the influence of our Christ-centered theology. And there is a generation or two of future leaders and difference-makers who belong with us — they just don’t know it yet. How great would it be to talk about how to bring them into the fold?

That is a good reason to come!

3. Connecting with Like-Minded Brothers and Sisters

New Covenant Theology is our tribe – our collective passion is Jesus. It’s always stimulating and motivating to gather with fellow tribe members, people who share common convictions and passions. It’s a great joy to spend time with others whose greatest desire is to exalt Jesus above all things. For pastors of smaller churches, or Christians who find very few NCT friends in their congregation, this conference may provide a rare and refreshing experience of community. It’s important to build these relationships and friendships.

That is a good reason to come!

4. You Get to Come to Colorado Springs

If you have never climbed Pikes Peak, or hiked through Garden of the Gods, or driven along the gorgeous Rocky Mountains, there is no better excuse to get away to this paradise. Take an extra day or two and enjoy the beauty and hiking, or even drive up to one of the most awe-inspiring places on earth – Rocky Mountain National Park. Bring your whole family to the conference and experience the wonder of God’s creation.

That is a good reason to come!

5. Get Free Stuff!

Conference attendees will receive free books, including Blake White’s latest book on Philippians (released at the conference).

That is a good reason to come!

I believe in New Covenant Theology because I believe it is the only approach that is consistent with the story of the Bible – Jesus Christ! I have been praying for months that God would bring us together so that we might encourage one another for His glory and fame. So, I invite you to come. I urge you to come. I hope that you will come.



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