If this the future of Protestantism, I must protest.

When asked specifically if the differences between Protestants, Catholics, and Eastern Orthodox are salvific, none of the panelists said yes. They all seem to believe that Christian unity is grounded upon sacraments and confessions and pastoral care. The gospel is apparently ambiguous and hard to define, or not worth squabbling over. According to this panel, the crazy people on TBN are obviously not Christians, but those who condemn justification by faith alone, who affirm baptismal justification, and who deny that Jesus’ death on the cross satisfied the wrath of God against sinners are just “defective brothers.”

Christians can disagree over many things like infant baptism, cessationism, worship services, and the future of Israel, but we cannot disagree over the gospel. The nature of faith and the cross lie at the core of whether a person is a genuine Christian. Unity is important, but it must never be unity at all costs, especially when the cost has eternal consequences.