The New Birth


Why does one person hear the gospel and believe it while another person rejects it? Is the determining factor something within the individuals? the evangelist? God? John Reisinger explores these questions and offers the Bible’s answers.

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John Reisinger, well-known and well-loved evangelist, author, and teacher of the Word of God for over fifty years continues his series on the “Doctrines of Grace” with this booklet. “Being born again” and “being saved” are not the same thing. They are two parts of one whole but must not be confused. Both are essential to true conversion. It is impossible to experience one without experiencing the other. The question is not one of time and sequence, that is, which is first and which is second, but rather one of cause and effect. Does our faith cause the new birth or does the new birth cause faith? The quesiton, “Why does one person believe and become saved, while another rejects Christ and is lost?” will be answered differently according to our understading of the nature of regeneration.

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