The Law of Christ: A Theological Proposal


Understanding how Old Testament laws apply to Christians can be a slippery¬†task, but Blake White’s insights will help you stand on solid ground as you seek to please God.

178 pages



One of the most controversial questions among Christian leaders and theologians has to do with whether God expects Christians to obey the laws in the Old Testament, such as those written in Exodus and Deuteronomy. Few would say that we are subject to all of the commands, but many would say that we are under the Ten Commandments. But is that what the Bible teaches?

Blake White brings his strong theological mind (and expansive footnotes) to bear on this question. He shows how the apostle Paul, a Jew by birth, did not consider himself to be under the Law of Moses but under the Law of Christ. Then he shows what Christ’s law is and what Christians should do with the Law of Moses. This is an important “proposal” for anyone seeking to obey God consistently and biblically.

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  1. Benno Kurvits

    I just finished reading this book. It is very good. The arguments for and explanation of this Biblical concept, “the law of Christ,” are both clear and compelling. A very useful and enlightening book.

  2. E. Williams (verified owner)

    A. Blake White’s pursuit to understand the Biblical revelation of the New Covenant’s law of Christ is wonderful! He has done the body a great service in writing this book. The church should be specialists in the doctrine of love but we have overemphasized areas that our Lord has not. I don’t believe it has been given the adequate attention it has deserved in Biblical theology. White’s proposal is foundational in its biblical priority. The doctrinal implications should be explored thoroughly. For instance, Jesus said He fulfills the law in Matt 5:17 but later we are told that we with love can fulfill the law in Rom 13:8,10, and Gal 5:14. Who fulfills it? Does Christ or do we? That is, it seems we are able to fulfill the OT law. However, it is only in Christ, who exemplified the new law (1 John 4:19). Paul reveals this love is given to us supernaturally when we come to Christ by faith in Rom 5:5. Without this love from Christ we are nothing, 1Co 13:2. There is so much more to expound from this great exploration into Christ’s law! Some in Christianity think love is a hippie thing but it’s purely a Jesus Christ thing. The cover artwork is evocative.. No illustrator credit given? Thank you for putting forward this excellent book.

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