Studies in Ecclesiastes


Comparing the “If only…” emptiness of a godless life to the real joy of existence in light of the living God

350 pages



We make excuses for not being satisfied. “If only I had more time.” Solomon could devote every waking hour to his pursuit of meaning and happiness and could find neither. “If only I had more money.” Solomon had the wealth to buy anything and still found nothing to satisfy him. “If only I was not so distracted.” In Solomon’s day there were no wars, no catastrophes. He was free to give all his attention to his pursuit of satisfaction, yet came up empty.

If the God of grace enables you to be honest with reality, you will not escape tears and sorrow, but the tears will flow down a smiling face and the sorrow will not be the sorrow of despair but will be accompanied with the sure hope of the gospel. Existence apart from God is meaningless, but with Him it is filled with wonder, joy, and real life.

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