Sinners, Jesus Will Receive


If the cross is only effective for the elect, does that mean we should only preach the gospel to those who show evidence of the Spirit’s work? Does that mean that evangelism is unnecessary or merely a formality? William Payne answers such questions with biblical truth and pastoral care.

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Many Christians find one aspect of the “doctrines of grace” very difficult to accept. It is the part often called limited atonement or particular redemption, the biblical understanding that on the cross Jesus was an actual substitute for the elect and only for the elect. Some teachers of this doctrine take it to an extreme and deny that the gospel should be preached to everyone because there may be non-elect listeners present. If so, then the evangelist is giving false hope because Jesus did not, in fact, die for them, He only died for His chosen people.

In this brief work, William Payne argues persuasively against this erroneous extreme. He shows how in the Bible even God Himself pleads with sinners to repent. There is no contradiction between particular redemption and earnest evangelism. Indeed, the former increases the fervor of the latter.

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