Rethinking the Law


One of the hardest questions Christians face about the Bible is, “What do I do with the Old Testament law?” This book answers that question in a way both biblically faithful and Christ-exalting. You will find yourself deeply motivated to serve Jesus out of love rather than guilt.

236 pages



Anyone who reads the Bible from cover to cover quickly realizes that a radical shift occurs between the Old Testament and the New Testament. Many things are different. One of the major differences has to do with the concept of law. It is clear that the Law given to Israel does not simply spill over into the Christian life. And yet, there are connections and overlaps between them. How do we make sense of this?

This question has received many attempted answers, but too often they have been driven more by theological assumptions than clear biblical teaching. Rethinking the Law is a fresh exception. It looks at what God Himself says about Law and laws in the Old Testament and the New Testament. It keeps things in their historical contexts and shows how Jesus changes everything about the role of law in our lives.

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