New Covenant Theology and Prophecy


What is New Covenant Theology’s position on end times? This small book by John Reisinger attempts to lay the groundwork for an answer to that question.

102 pages



Hermeneutical presuppositions impact every theological position we take. Eschatology (end times) is no exception. For example, if your framework says that the Old Testament is to be interpreted on its own terms, you will conclude that many prophecies concerning Israel remain to be fulfilled.

But what if we let Jesus and the New Testament authors give us the framework for interpreting Old Testament prophecies? How does that impact our understanding of the future? New Covenant Theology & Prophecy does not answer every aspect of this question, but it does provide several guidelines for the pursuit of an answer. With his usual gentleness and humility, John Reisinger evaluates the major millennial positions and offers his own understanding of these difficult biblical truths.

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