Ministry of Grace: Essays in Honor of John G. Reisinger


Written by men who know him well and who have been deeply impacted by his teaching, these essays capture the heart and soul of John G. Reisinger’s ministry.

245 pages



The contributors to this book have written in appreciation and recognition of the grace of God at work in the life and ministry of John G. Reisinger. Having been uniquely blessed by Pastor Reisinger’s teaching, each chose a biblical or doctrinal theme that reflects one of the areas highlighted in John’s ministry of grace. God’s sovereignty, the New Covenant, the doctrines of grace, worship, and the matchless saving work of Jesus Christ are all set forth to the glory of God.

In keeping with John’s ministry, the essays were written to be substantial, but also readable for a wide audience. Two of Pastor John’s popular sermons are included in this book as well. It is hoped and prayed that this book will lead many to marvel at the wonderful grace of God and to praise the Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Editor: Steve West

Jim Clemens, Sr
Les Clemens, Jr
Michael A. G. Haykin
David Morris
Tom Wells
Kirk Wellum
Stephen J Wellum
Steve West
Fred G. Zaspel

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