In Defense of Jesus, the New Lawgiver


Richard Barcellos challenged New Covenant Theology’s view of Jesus and the Ten Commandments. This is John Reisinger’s response.

357 pages



This book has a two-fold purpose. First, it responds to a series of challenges to New Covenant Theology offered by Dr. Richard Barcellos in his book In Defense of the Decalogue. The challenges were made to anyone holding to New Covenant Theology in general and to John Reisinger personally. Dr. Barcellos’ book is written in an irenic spirit and will prove to be very helpful in the present discussion in Reformed circles on the relationship of the Old and New Covenants. I sincerely hope this response is just as irenic and helpful.

The second purpose is to set forth what New Covenant Theology believes in the eight areas where Barcellos states his objections. He defends the view that the Ten Commandments are the highest expression of the Law of God ever given. We believe the New Covenant revelation given by Christ and His apostles is a higher and more demanding law than anything given through Moses. Simply stated, this book asserts that Jesus is a new and higher lawgiver who replaces Moses in exactly the same way that He replaces Aaron as high priest. Barcellos insists that Christ is the greatest exegete of the Law given to Moses but in no sense gives any higher or more demanding law than Moses. We believe Christ is not only a Lawgiver but He is the full and final Lawgiver who supersedes and replaces all others.


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