God’s Chosen People


What do you think, are the Jews still God’s chosen people? How would you make your case from the Bible? In God’s Chosen People, A. Blake White makes his biblical case that “Jesus Christ and His people are the fulfillment of all OT prophecy,” even the prophecies about the Jews.

194 pages



From the Introduction:

The relationship between Israel and the Church is nothing if not controversial. Entire systems of theology divide over it, and the passion is often white hot. Sharp and godly Christians come to very different conclusions. The temptation is to simply leave a controversial subject alone, but this topic is foundational to understanding our place in the story of God’s grand redemptive purposes. It is not unimportant….The widespread disagreement I mentioned is due to letting theology inform exegesis rather than exegesis informing theology. I think the Scriptures are pretty clear about Israel and the Church. I hope to show that in this little book.


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