Galatians: A Theological Interpretation


It’s one thing to read Galatians, it’s another thing to understand it. This book by Blake White will help you grasp the liberty of Christ as the apostle Paul revealed it centuries ago.

222 pages



For centuries, Paul’s “letter of freedom” has encouraged, convicted, shaped, and instructed the people of God. In it, we find the wonderful themes of the sufficiency of God’s revelation, the uniqueness of Jesus Christ, the overlap of the ages, and the grace of justification by faith not by works of the law. We also see the centrality of the cross, the relation of the Abrahamic and Mosaic covenants, the role of the law in God’s economy, the importance of walking by the Spirit, and the unity of the people of God. In this short exposition, Blake White walks the reader through Galatians with an eye on theological implications and contemporary application.

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