Full Bellies and Empty Hearts


Clyde Autio is a retired Air Force Major General who deeply desires American Christians to live vibrant, transforming lives to the glory of Jesus Christ. This book asks hard questions which, when answered biblically, help believers head in that direction.

118 pages



From the Introduction:

We Christians in the United States are not what we proclaim ourselves to be. Christ said in Matthew 7:16a, the theme verse for this book, “Ye shall know them by their fruits.” When I look at our culture today, I do not see bountiful fruit from the body of Christ. We insist on hiding in our comfort zones, mulling over the issues, and failing to see the inter-relationships and consequences of our thinking and actions (or lack thereof). Because of our inaction, we have failed to maintain the rational and orderly process through which we could clearly understand how issues, doctrinal statements, belief patterns, and lifestyles relate to each other and to us. Our outlook on society is fractured, fragmenting life into disjointed single issues. I believe this way of facing today’s issues has serious, if not catastrophic, implications for our culture…I trust this book will give you a basis with which to understand mankind’s perversity and the consequences he experiences from his resistance to God. I also hope that I can give you insight and encouragement to shape your life according to God’s will.

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