All Things New: The Significance of Newness for Biblical Theology

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Something is radically different when we turn the page from the Old Testament to the New Testament. We know that intuitively, but sometimes we miss its significance. Carl Hoch takes a look at all the newness of the New Covenant. It’s quite astonishing really. And wonderful.

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That Christians should call the second part of their Bible the New Testament is not disputed. What is debatable is what exactly is new in the New Testament.

All Things New seeks to address this issue in an interesting way. By rigorously analyzing the twelve things that are called “new” in the New Testament, the author helps us understand better the theological message and uniqueness of the New Testament. Studying such themes as the new covenant, the new creation, and the new man yields rich results. All Things New also sets out a practical newness that is now at work in the Christ (freedom in Christ, life in the Spirit, and warfare against the flesh).

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