A Prisoner’s Christianity


Andrew Woodrow did the unthinkable, and he is serving a 30-year prison sentence for it. Oh, but God’s grace! And now brother Woodrow wants his fellow inmates, fellow prisoners, to find forgiveness and hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s a moving story for all, but especially for those whose sins placed them behind bars.

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Andrew Woodrow, by his own admission, was raised in a loving Christian home. He was taught to respect authority, given a good education, and had every opportunity afforded to him. But he chose to squander that and committed theft and murder. After pleading guilty, Andy found himself in jail. It was in this condition that Jesus Christ sought out and drew Andy to himself through the testimony of faithful brother, David. David told him the parable of the lost sheep and that Jesus had come to seek and to save the lost. Andy testifies: “The Holy Spirit used this to show my sin-sick soul that my greatest need was forgiveness, and that forgiveness is found in Jesus Christ. He taught me to trust in Christ and his life and death and resurrection.” Andy goes on to say, “After many years Jesus has never failed to give me peace and assurance.'” Andy’s prayer is that this book may be used to the glory of God as an instrument of reaching others, whether they are in physical jails or in the chains of sin, who desperately need to hear of the gospel of peace.

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