In the fall of 2010, we started a small pastoral and theological training school called New Covenant School of Theology. Our three core concerns are to exalt Jesus above all things, to really train pastors (rather than simply fill their heads with academic information), and to study the Scripture as God’s Christ-centered revelation (rather than as a systematic book of abstract doctrines). Some of our students are pursuing full-time pastoral ministry or other ministry leadership in their local church. Their training includes diligent biblical and theological study and deep immersion in real world church ministry. Other students are just ordinary Christians who want to dig more deeply into the extraordinary truths of Jesus Christ as revealed through the Scriptures.

Unique Features

  • We place biblical exegesis ahead of systematic theology and sacred doctrinal cows.
  • Internship is not an add-on for our students, it’s foundational to how everything is learned.
  • Classes are taken one at a time, block-style.
  • Tuition is cheap!

For more information, go to the NCST website.